Quilts and Base Pricing

Each quilt is individually handmade and unique, not mass-produced or quilted on a computerized machine.  There will not be another one like it anywhere! Signed by the quilter and made to be used!  Triple sewn corners for durability, and the quilts can be machine-washed (care instructions included).

Most quilts are made to order, and can be made in any size, from wall hanging to king-sized.  At any given time, I will have several queen-size quilt tops on hand and ready to finish, and I often have infant and children’s quilts ready to purchase.

Each quilt is made of fine 100% cottons, in a combination of hand and/or machine piecing, and is entirely hand quilted at 8 stitches per inch (this count is the number of stitches showing per inch on the top of the quilt).  Many quilts are further embellished with hand-appliqué.  The quilt will have a hanging sleeve integrated into the backing, and in addition will have a specially designed label with your name, the title of the quilt and when and by whom it was made.  Other information can be added if desired.

Pricing depends on the quilt size and price of materials, and the amount of work involved in the design you choose. A deposit of $100.00 is required prior to quilting service.  Full payment required upon completion. Services are to be paid by cash or money orders. Prices are subject to change without notice. Full payment is required upon completion. All items include 7.5% tax in pricing.

Base Prices:

$100.00 – $600.00 (Wall-hanging)

$200.00 – $800.00 (Twin)

$300.00 – $900.00 (Full)

$400.00 – $1,000.00 (Queen)

$500.00 - $1500.00 (King)