Hand Quilting Services and Pricing


Hand Quilting – A Tradition to Keep!

I am delighted to finish your incomplete quilt top, stitch in beautiful quilting designs in a top you have, or support your quilt project in any quilt size.

I am a quilting specialist, offering exceptional hand quilting.  I am available to transform your quilt tops into cherished family heirlooms.  In addition to my hand quilting service, I also offer custom quilt making to your design, color and size specifications, from cutting and piecing your top through hand quilting and binding.  When finished, your quilt will be a one-of-a kind masterpiece, a family treasure to pass along through many lifetimes.

Let me help you complete a top from a previous generation, or one you pieced but have not had the time to quilt.  I will work closely with you to complete unfinished projects, or create a quilt uniquely your own from traditional and non-traditional patterns, in your color preferences and size requirements. 

Traditionally, quilt piecing was a project for the Fall–a pleasant switch to sewing after many weeks of canning vegetables and making jelly.  Winter heralded in the time for quilting, and no quilter wanted to be without a top to quilt during the ‘indoor months’.   Since it takes much less time to piece than it does to quilt, there are many tops in steamer trunks, cedar chests, bureau drawers, and closet shelves that never made it to quilt frames. 

Like so many of the ‘life-skills’ practiced by past generations, hand quilting has not much survived the industrial age.  Be it a sense of too little spare time or an art that is just lost, very few people are hand quilting anymore.  For those of you who wish to preserve and pass on a quilt that really is a quilt in the truest sense of the word, there are not many options available.  The advent of quilting machines offers a quick fix to the dilemma of having a top quilted, but it is little more than adding thread.  While it is a solution, it is not a viable one for anyone wanting the finished product to impart lasting value.  Many an antique quilt has been permanently ruined by machine quilting, to say little about the destruction of its value as an Antique textile art form. 

Hand quilting takes considerable time; custom ordered quilts require a minimum of three months to complete.

Why choose hand quilting over machine quilting?

What are the differences besides cost?

There are two very important differences that should weigh heavily when trying to choose between hand quilting and machine quilting.  

The first consideration should be, “What are you trying to accomplish?” If you have many hours invested in piecing a top, and it is your desire to, as with so many quilts in one’s personal past, have it endure for generations, you should understand that machine quilting adds nothing to your project but thread. Essentially, it is the same, as a “store bought” comforter-manufacturer would use for quilting machines.  Your project will age, but it will never increase in value.  Machine quilting is perfect for a quick baby quilt you want to give to a woman in your office, a juvenile quilt you pieced for your child’s room that you know they will out grow, or a table runner or Christmas tree skirt. Simply put, a hand-quilted item will increase in value to become an heirloom of collector/museum quality.  A machine-quilted item will decrease in value as it ages.  Hand quilting is a dying art that adds greatly to a project; machines will always be with us. 

Secondly, if your pieced top has any age on it, even as little as a decade, machine quilting could well be too harsh.  The pressure of the foot on a quilting machine cannot be adjusted to treat fabrics more tenderly.  A hand quilter will quickly be able to assess the stability of the piecing threads and the fabric.  She will adapt her stitches to accommodate aging fabrics and threads.  The fabrics in pieced quilt tops will age differently and deteriorate at different rates.  Some patches in the same top will be more fragile than others.  A machine quilter can utterly and forever ruin a fragile quilt top.

Hand Quilting Services Price List

QuiltSizeQuilting Charge
Baby36” x 36”$120.00
 45” x 45”$150.00
Twin48” x 72”$250.00
Queen108” x 90”$450.00
King120” x 120”$575.00

Quilting services include the following:

  • Quilting (design will complement the quilt pattern
  • Assembly of batting, top and back
  • White or Off-White Quilt Thread

Additional Services

  • Repairs (repairing seams, clipping threads, squaring up top or back, pressing) – ask for quote
  • Repairs to damage fabrics, changes to fabric – priced by damage
  • Batting $15.00 (Stitching and Stirring uses Hobbs Cotton Batting, unless otherwise requested
  • Backing Fabric cost is determined by retail store pricing
  • Binding Quilt (includes construction of bias binding to complement quilt colors) $.25 per inch
  • Quilt Label – basic – $10.00 – with picture – $25.00
  • Other Services: embellishment, fabric pictures, etc – ask for quote
  • Specialty Quilt Thread Color – ask for quote
  • A deposit of $100.00 is required prior to quilting service.  Full payment required upon completion. Services are to be paid by cash or money orders.